The Latest TikTok Sensation is “Barbie Botox”. Everything You Need to Know
The latest TikTok sensation, known as "Barbie Botox" or "TrapTox," involves the injection of neurotoxins, such as Botox, into the neck and shoulder regions to create a more elongated neck and reduce muscular bulk. Influencers like Isabelle Lux have brought this procedure into the spotlight, aiming to achieve a slimmer neck and relieve tension and discomfort in the neck and shou More»



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Facial Cleanse Treatment


Dr Nasiek Clinic offers many non-invasive rejuvenating treatments available to everyone. Wrinkles and damaged skin do not match the modern image of successful people. They begin to appear at different ages. Wrinkles are not only a cosmetic and aesthetic problem. For many people, aging causes discomfort that affects their psyche. The wide range of services in the clinic helps remedy this. Sometimes a small treatment can improve not only your appearance, but also your well-being.