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BOTOX - For excessive sweating

Sweat has no smell. It is the bacteria that are on the skin that cause the breakdown of sweat and are responsible for its unpleasant odor. It happens sometimes that we sweat intensively, although we have no specific reason to do so. If it is a repetitive situation then we are talking about "excessive sweating".

BOTOX® injections are a good way to stop sweating. The treatment involves blocking nerve endings that work with the external secretion glands. A half-hour treatment frees patients from excessive sweating, even for over half a year. These treatments are performed with excessive sweating of the armpits, feet and hands.

The latest trend in BOTOX® therapy was called BABY BOTOX®, when an increasing number of BOTOX® supporters decided to limit the amount of injected substance for a more natural look.

Without completely resigning from BOTOX® therapy, while reducing the amount of injected preparation, one avoids a perfectly shaped face, completely free of traces of mimic wrinkles, in favor of a slightly refreshed and naturally corrected beauty.

The advantage of BABY BOTOX® is that it can be used at an early age, when genetic makings tend to reach for a product that eliminates the signs of premature aging.