RESTYLANE - Nasolabial wrinkles

Aging of the face consists not only in the appearance of wrinkles, but also in changing its features. The skin loses elasticity, which, combined with gravity, causes the face to "hang down". Changes that distort the face oval include nasolabial wrinkles. Restoring the face of former harmony is possible thanks to injections from Restylan®.

Before starting the procedure, the doctor, in consultation with the patient, decides whether to use local anesthesia or anesthetic cream.

Hyaluronic acid is injected with a thin needle into the skin. The preparation is flexible, soft and has a homogeneous consistency identical to the patient's tissue. Thanks to this it is invisible and imperceptible. To distribute it, a gentle massage is also performed.

Restylan® fills the wrinkle giving a natural effect.

The results are immediate and last 6-12 months or more. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to normal activities. The absorbing filler ensures excellent hydration of surrounding tissues, thus giving the effect of rested and healthy skin. Sometimes, after the procedure, small bruises appear, but they can be masked with corrective makeup.

Contraindications to the procedure are relative and relate to the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding, inflammation of the skin at the site of the proposed surgery, uncompensated systemic diseases.