The Latest TikTok Sensation is “Barbie Botox”. Everything You Need to Know
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Wart - a mild, though unwanted intruder on the skin


Warts can clearly differ in size and shape. They also have disturbing uneven edges. All types of growths and skin changes should be shown to a specialist for final recognition as to the nature of the intruder on the skin. Sometimes the doctor has to support himself with detailed diagnostics (including histopathology), so that the diagnosis is correct and that the right decision is made regarding the treatment of skin lesions.

Warts can appear anywhere, even on the soles of the feet. They are extremely unpleasant on the face, because they certainly don't have beauty. Only so-called (viral) warts require treatment, the remaining ones are removed if they clearly bother the owner.

Most warts owe their name to their cause - human papillomavirus (HPV). Only seborrheic wart does not belong to this group (it is still unknown where it comes from exactly) and has little in common with other warts, e.g. warts, i.e. common warts. It is a neoplastic lesion, but it is benign and does not tend to turn into cancer.

Warts and their types:

  • Common warts - can appear on any part of the body, but most often they appear on the hands and feet
  • flat warts - usually appear on the face and forehead, are common in children, less in adolescents, and less often in adults
  • genital warts - usually located around the male and female genitals, on the inside of the thighs, and less often around the anus and vagina
  • Foot warts - located on the soles of the feet
  • Subungual warts - appear around or below a nail

We know about 100 types of human papilloma and most are not dangerous, although it promotes the formation of unsightly lesions. The exceptions are those that attack the genitals - they can even lead to cancer, e.g. cervix. This time, however, we will focus on skin intruders, mild but not nice. Reminding that as a preventive measure, after the summer all skin changes should be seen by a doctor. According to statistics, even the seemingly characteristic melanoma, we can not recognize alone.

The warts are most often round and have the character of keratinizing growth (the skin covering them unnaturally dries, is hard, unpleasant to the touch). They may have a few millimeters, but you get much larger, several centimeters. They are usually darker than the color of the skin, brown. However, because there are cases of irregular and very dark warts, they can be a source of anxiety. So instead of worrying about a supply, you need to see a doctor to assess the nature of the change. Even the dangerous ones are easier to annihilate and treat effectively if you see a doctor relatively quickly.

Warts can grow and change color. Most often this applies to people around 40 years of age. Although even then they are usually not dangerous, rather annoying (they get stuck on clothes).

Laser wart removal

Lasers have been successfully used in medicine for many years. For the treatment of warts, an intense beam of focused laser light is used. The laser can be used in any area of our body. What's more, many patients think that laser treatments are less painful than other methods of wart removal, such as surgical cutting or freezing warts, using liquid nitrogen.